Pawin Piemthai, The Excellent IT Blind Youth

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      If you are giving up in your life, it’s worth to take your time to read the story of our new generation of a young blind who never gives up.  Pawin Piemthai or Win, he is a person with visual disability with 22 years old. Recently, he is studying in Matthayom 5(Grade 11) in St’ Gabrial High school.
      Pawin had glaucoma and he was later absolute blind when he was 12 years old. His life was dark not only his sight but also the first stage of his living.
      Surprisingly, who will believe that today he is such a professional on Information Technology (IT). Pawin received two awards from 2014 Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities in Asia and Pacific including the Gold Medal from eTool Challenge using Microsoft Excel (as an individual) and the Gold Medal from eDesign using Microsoft Powerpoint to create a poster (as a team) in Bhusan, South Korea supported by Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities under the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.
      “It was unexpected because I was trying to not expect since I did not want to be disappointed. However, I am very glad to make a reputation for Thailand again. Like last year, Thailand hosted this competition and I won a gold medal from eTool challenge and a silver medal from eSport challenge; moreover, I got the outstanding competitor who has the highest score as a whole. If you question me how hard it is, the answer is no because we are able to practice. Persons with disabilities can use an “On Screen Keyboard” instead of a mouse,” said Prawin with his cheerful voice.
      “I actually was discouraged when I was absolutely blind at the beginning due to there was no information concerning what persons with visual disability is able to do. One day, I was luckily to attend in school for blind persons. I met with friends who are also blind like me. This encourages me to set a new goal of my life. Nowadays, I am good in IT and English. I practice IT skills because I like to learn and explore new knowledge on the internet by using programs for persons with visual disabilities which enable a blind person like me to access information. I am particularly interested in Machine Learning. Likewise, I am teaching a computer to think and solve a problem such as knowing and recognizing our face; and being able to recommend some threads on the web boards.”
      “For English, when I was in Pratom 4 (Grade 4), I was inspired by the teacher. From at that time, I started learning English by listening English books, which is counted as another ability of my life. Lately, I received the praised award from English Competition of Crown Diamond Project in 2014.”
      Although the future cannot be seen by eyes for him, Prawin has already seen his future by his heart with interest and preference in IT. Certainly, Pawin would like to be a computer engineering so that he chose to study in Math – Science Program in high school in order to study in Faculty of Engineering in higher education.
Combining Information Technology (IT) with intention and efforts enhances the quality of life of persons with disabilities. It obviously occurs with Pawin for this mentioned combination. He definitely would like to tell other persons with disabilities to elevate their dark life into their alive life again.
      “At this moment, sometimes I teach computer skills for young blind students in school for persons with visual disabilities in Bangkok. What I am doing is that I believe IT can change the way of life of persons with disabilities. For instance, I myself in the past could not read newspaper, but now I can read it on internet. For persons with hearing disabilities, it seems to be impossible to communicate with other people, but now there are several applications available through mobile phone.
      “Even though we are persons with disabilities, there are many things we can do if we just open our minds. I, myself, at first time when I become as a blind person, my life at that moment was dark because we did not know what a blind person can do. When I put my effort, I found that actually I can do everything.”
      “Persons with disabilities should not be afraid of technology instead we should start to learn it since we are young. I would like to change this attitude because if we can do it, persons with disabilities will have a better life with IT.” Said Pawin at the end.
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Pawin Piemthai, The Excellent IT Blind Youth
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